Bottom Bumps

“Think you know what a fart is...yes?.... Well, think again!”
Ed Dee doo dar, a curious boy with a curious name, discovered one day that what we know as farts, are in fact real living creatures. Ed named these creatures Bumpeedeedoodars, or Bumps, for short.
Though Ed found Bumps to be friendly, he discovered that they caused more damage to the ozone layer than had been previously thought. Luckily, another discovery by Ed found that Bumps from a Kangaroo were ozone friendly.
With this knowledge he collected DNA from kangaroo ‘bumps’ to create an ozone friendly aerosol spray.
When sprayed onto the Bumps, it neutralized the damage the Bumps caused and most importantly….not hurt any Bumps in the process.
All Ed has to do now is to travel the world and spray as many Bumps as he can before collecting enough kangaroo bumps to make more ‘Roo Spray’.
The only problem is, that it has to be done before all the missed Bumps reach the ozone danger level. Can you help Ed save the ozone???